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Once you are completely registered (you will have your referee crest and ID card from USA Hockey), you are eligible to skate games. If you are unsure how to register and become an official, see our page on becoming an official.

If you have not yet contacted your local schedulers or joined WPHOA, you will not be assigned games. The local schedulers each have games at local rinks and can assign them to you. Contact them in order to get some of these games.

You can also contact one of the WPHOA USA Hockey Supervisors to discuss joining WPHOA. You can submit a membership application here. Once you are a WPHOA member, be given a login to the scheduling system. Within this system you will need to update your availibity so that you can be assigned games.

Your officiating skills and experience will determine the level of games that you are assigned. The USA Hockey Officiating Program has established "levels of achievement" for each official ranging from the beginner to the highly-skilled. First-year officials must register as a Level 1 official and may only officiate at the lower levels of hockey. New officials who have past experience in officiating ice hockey may register at a different level, on a case-by-case basis, as determined by the District Referee-in-Chief. The officiating levels are described below:

LEVEL 1: May officiate games with players age 12 & under = Pee-Wee (12 & under), Squirt (10 & under), & Mite (8 & under).

LEVEL 2: May officiate games with players age 14 & under = Bantam (14 & under), Pee-Wee, Squirt, & Mite. In order to register as a Level 2 official, you must have been a level 1 official in the prior season.

LEVEL 3: May officiate games with players age 18 & under = Midget (18 & under), Bantam, Pee-Wee, Squirt, & Mite. Level 3 officials are also eligible to officiate Senior games (over 20) as well as act as a linesman for Junior Hockey (20 & under). In order to register as a Level 3 official, you must have been a Level 2 official for at least two prior seasons and pass a closed-book rules exam at your seminar.

LEVEL 4: May officiate all levels of USA Hockey. In order to register as a Level 4 official, you must have been a Level 3 official in the prior season and pass the open-book exam, the closed-book exam, and a skating exam at your seminar.