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Usually when the Harmon family gets larger it involves Matt going to the Old Country Buffett in on Rt. 51. However, today Missy and Matt welcome Mitchell John Harmon to the world. Congrats to Matt, Missy, Matty, Maggie, and Mitchell!

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Reporting for Game Misconducts http://www.wphoa.com/news/75-reporting-for-game-misconducts http://www.wphoa.com/news/75-reporting-for-game-misconducts

For PIHL and Youth games you need to fill out a report in the USAHockey system located here. Once the report is complete you will have the option to send a PDF version of the report to any email address. Please send a copy to gamereports@wphoa.com, this will ge forwarded off to the appropriate parties.

For DQ's to players or Game Misconducts to coaches in ACHA games you should contact Dave Fryer by email, phone, email to gamereports@wphoa.com or fill out an incident report in Horizon.

Any questions on these procedures please contact Dave Fryer (refereeinchief@wphoa.com).

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PIHL - WPHOA Partnership http://www.wphoa.com/news/72-pihl-wphoa-partnership http://www.wphoa.com/news/72-pihl-wphoa-partnership

Dear WPHOA Members,

It is with extreme enthusiasm and delight that I am able to announce to you that WPHOA has reached an agreement to re-establish our partnership with the PIHL for the upcoming season!  This restores WPHOA as the primary provider of officiating services for all PIHL games in the Pittsburgh, Wheeling, Morgantown, Johnstown, Altoona, and surrounding areas.  WPHOA also intends to work closely with Erie Ice Referees Inc (EIRI) regarding the games in Northwestern Pennsylvania, as WPHOA and EIRI are also discussing a formal partnership for this season.

While it is the hope of both WPHOA and the PIHL that we are able to extend into future seasons and multi-year contracts, we are starting with a one-year contract for the 2013-14 season.  It is our association’s duty during this term to successfully apply all of the positive changes (and more) that we have made over the past year into our PIHL operations.  Our gameday performance will be our biggest measuring stick for the upcoming season, which will then lead to a continued partnership with the PIHL for many years to come.  The mission of each of us should be to see that through by way of our standards, our professionalism, and our consistency.

Please read the attached FAQ for further information on this partnership.  With this deal in place, I now look forward to working with all of you on the most-successful year WPHOA has ever experienced.


Tim Morgret


Western Pennsylvania Hockey Officials Association

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Baby Roberts http://www.wphoa.com/news/71-baby-roberts http://www.wphoa.com/news/71-baby-roberts

baby roberts2


Congratulations to Zach and Jamie Roberts on the birth of their daughter Riley Lynn Roberts!

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WPHOA Bethel Park Eval Session http://www.wphoa.com/news/69-wphoa-bethel-park-eval-session http://www.wphoa.com/news/69-wphoa-bethel-park-eval-session

bp ice ball

The first WPHOA evaluation session of the year took place on Tuesday, July 30th at the Bethel Park Bladerunners.
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WPHOA Wedding http://www.wphoa.com/news/65-wphoa-wedding http://www.wphoa.com/news/65-wphoa-wedding


Jason Binnie and Kate Michael (daughter of Tom Michael) were married this past weekend. WPHOA congraulates Jason, Kate, and Tom.

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2013 Zebra Cup http://www.wphoa.com/news/36-2013-zebra-cup http://www.wphoa.com/news/36-2013-zebra-cup

zebracup morgret

Another year gone and another successful Zebra Cup in the books. Once again officials from the large cities and small towns of northeast America gathered in the south hills of Pittsburgh for what has quickly become the closing highlight of the season. Years past have seen strangers become teammates, teammates become friends, and good times had by all. The 2013 Zebra Cup was no different.

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Bastone Receives Milt Kaufman Award http://www.wphoa.com/news/53-bastone-receives-milt-kaufman-award http://www.wphoa.com/news/53-bastone-receives-milt-kaufman-award

WPHOA's own Frank Bastone attened this year's USAHockey Eastern Instructor's camp. During the camp Frank was selected by the staff to be awarded the 2013 Milt Kaufman award. The award is given out each year at both the Eastern and Western instructor's camps and is given to the individual who most exemplifies the qualities that made Milt Kaufman such a special part of the USA Hockey Officiating Program. The seminar staff in Pittsburgh is looking forward to having Frank join them at the beginning of next season.

Congrats Frank!

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Roger Oldaker: Father and Friend http://www.wphoa.com/news/52-roger-oldaker-father-and-friend http://www.wphoa.com/news/52-roger-oldaker-father-and-friend


I am honored to say that I am the person responsible for hiring Roger Oldaker as a coach with the Canon-McMillan Hockey Association, a job and organization that became near and dear to his heart. I’m even more honored to say that Roger became one of my closest friends from that time and beyond. I can best sum up Roger by describing my relationship with Roger’s son Brett.

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